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persian_rug_roomPersian and Oriental rugs are a visible manifestation of the ancient and noble art of carpet weaving. These types of rugs, like all rugs, are vulnerable to spills, dirt, and other casualties of daily life.


Antique rugs are also vulnerable to spills and other dirt, and because of their old age, may be more susceptible to damage from attempts to wash the dirt off of the rug. Because no one can prevent any rug that is used on a regular basis from acquiring dirt and stains, cleaning is an important to maintaining the integrity and quality of a rug.

Picking up things that have dropped on the rug, vacuuming the rug, and cleaning up spills as they happen. Any form of home cleaning of a rug that involves the use of a cleaning solution should not be attempted unless the solution is designed for rugs.


Despite the best attempts of rug owners, dirt inevitably finds its way onto every rug. Even when taking meticulous care to maintain a rug and clean up any spills or dirt, rugs will acquire dirt over the years. For this reason, it is highly recommended that any Persian, Oriental, or antique rugs be taken to a professional cleaner at least once every five years.


We at Rug Gallery are dedicated to preserving nomadic and village rugs, and textiles, which have been made in the great weaving traditions passed down through countless generations. We are the latest in a long line of ancestors of weavers that have been committed to this goal. We provide cleaning services for people who want to keep their rugs perfect. We assist our clients to care and preserve their rugs. Our experienced team of craftspeople cleans rugs exclusively by hand and use reliable and absolutely safe techniques applied by the most experienced specialists.

Ultimately, a Persian, Oriental, or antique rug is an investment, as well as a piece of home décor. Like all investments, it can last a lifetime, and provide great joy, but only with the proper attention and care. Persian, Oriental, and antique rugs need to be cleaned frequently, and they need to be cleaned professionally.

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